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Be Prepared!

1. Monitor Your Generator’s Weekly Exercise Cycle

  • Know if there is a problem before the lights go out. If the generator does not exercise at its scheduled time there may be an issue.
  • Inquire about Monitoring Services through Northeast Generator to get real-time status info to your phone or device.

2. Confirm Service Appointments

  • Allow Northeast Generator to access and test the Transfer Switch by simulating a power failure.

3. Understand the Basics.

  • What is connected to the generator and what is not?
  • Know the locations of your emergency equipment.
  • Know where your control panel is on the generator to monitor the current status – Ready, Warnings or Faults.

4. Operating During an Outage

  • For an outage lasting more than 24-hrs your generator is required to be shutdown and the engine oil level checked and corrected at least once every 24-hrs.  Consult your owner’s manual for more specific intervals.
  • Consult your owner’s manual for specific information to your system i.e. engine oil grade, quantity and how to check.
  • Understand how to shutdown and restart the generator – Do not perform those operations while the generator power is on to the home or building.  The generator output breaker must be off before shutting down or restarting the generator.
  • Verify your carbon dioxide monitor is operating correctly to protect against engine exhaust.

5. Call Northeast Generator!

  • We can send a technician to verify your system is working correctly and answer any questions about your specific equipment and setup.


We’re in one business: generators! In a broader sense we are in the Power Insurance business. We sell, rent, lease, install, maintain and service backup power systems of every size and description for every type of application. From portable power for the job site to permanent installations anywhere reliable standby power and prime power is important.

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