Design & Build

Design & Build Services

One thing that makes Northeast Generator so unique in the industry is that our services are truly turn-key. This is perhaps in no way more evident than as pertains to our Design & Build Services. The decision to add a stand-by power system, either in a residential, commercial or industrial application can be truly daunting. What do you really need? How do you make it work? How do you get it built? And, how do you make it affordable? Northeast Generator will answer these questions for you, and then handle all phases of the design, permitting and construction processes, seamlessly.

What Do You Really Need?

Northeast Generator employs Professional Estimators and Engineers that will listen to you, evaluate your home, business or facility and offer you a range of options…whether it’s simply a budget price or firm proposal and that you’re ready for.

How Do You Make It Work?

If you are a looking for a stand-by system, you may be able make it happen with a single tradesperson and a simple permit from the local building department. But if you’re looking to add a generator for your business, heath-care facility, school, or other large scale application, there is far more to navigate. In most of these cases, you’ll need the services of a design professional. This is when our team of in-house architects and engineers really shines. Most of our competitors subcontract these professional design services, or simply send the owner off on their own to find their own independent engineering firm. At Northeast Generator, we have the capability to evaluate and develop full architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical concepts and drawings. We use AutoCAD, Revit and the latest tools to satisfy the local building officials and prepare your project for construction.

How Do You Get It Built?

Nothing ensures a more seamless transition from design to construction than a company that does both, like Northeast Generator.   Once we’ve completed the design phase, we’ll turn your project over to our Project Management Team and our General Contracting division. This team has completed hundreds, if not thousands, of large-scale stand-by power construction projects throughout the tri-state area. It really is a niche relationship that is unparalleled in both the construction and stand-by power industries. Public or private, residential, commercial or institutional, this team has done it all, and together they know how to get it built.

And Finally, How Do You Make It Affordable?

At Northeast Generator, we know that budgets are never unlimited. Once we complete the initial evaluation and consider the standby power solutions, we’ll counsel you on savings options and sources to offset your costs, such as utility rebates, or financing plans.

Call 1-800-972-4264 or email Northeast Generator to get started on your Design & Build project today!