Living in a coastal state is beautiful and scary at the same time. When a tropical storm warning is issued, damage from high winds and rains can cause repair costs to soar. Blackouts are common too, causing major problems.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts an above-normal 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. Three months in, and already ‘named’ storms have hit the coast. Your family’s safety depends on you to take precautions when a tropical storm warning is issued.

Why risk peace of mind when a Generator is the solution?

Generators keep your lights on. Barring evacuations to low lying areas when a tropical storm warning is issued forget sitting in the dark.  

Generators keep your appliances going. Think of living without A/C or Netflix. When a tropical storm warning is issued, a generator offers protection.

Generators prevent loss. Food stored in the freezer goes to waste, and meals become a hassle if a blackout lasts over 24 hours.

Generators are easy to use. Why leave the comfort and safety of your home when a professionally installed backup generator can automatically detect a power outage and turn on. Generators guarantee you will be able to cook dinner, watch Netflix, read a book, and communicate with your friends and family without any issues.

Generators reduce downtime. If you regularly attend online meetings, you might have to wait days for the power company to restore power in your neighborhood.

Generators help keep your kids and pets calm. When a tropical storm warning is issued, kids and pets are affected by uncertainty in the household.

Today, a tropical storm warning is issued for the Atlantic coast. Tomorrow, one simple phone call to Northeast Generator (203) 336-3031 will help prepare you for another big storm barreling up the coast.  


What’s the best generator for your boat?

Are you confused about a generator for your boat? Are your concerns about having enough power or too much noise and fuel consumption? You’re not alone…at Northeast Generator we hear questions like these every day!

What’s the right size generator for your boat?
#1 – Small boat: Like all pieces of boating equipment, size and type of generator for your boat depends on how it’s being used. If you want to take it to a beach to keep drinks cold in a fridge or to run a sound system, a portable gasoline unit weighing 50 pounds is ideal. These small units are usually quiet and can be carried for safety, such as when your boat needs a battery charge during an emergency.

#2 – Medium boat: If power tools are part of your boat’s repair and maintenance plan…such as running a welding machine on a metal boat, a generator for your boat with output of at least 5kW will be necessary.

#3 – Large boat: A generator for your boat that has 12.5kW will produce equal power as in a small land-based home or condo. It will also enable normal electrical equipment to be operated all at once. Bigger boats with air conditioning and electric stoves, ovens, and refrigeration might require 15-20kW.

And…what about wattage? If you’re thinking about adding a new generator to your boat, first figure out its intended maximum electrical load. A good rule of thumb is electric heaters, refrigerators and freezers usually require 1,500 watts but when run all at the same time, a generator unit with 4.5kW is needed. Don’t forget about the microwave, electric cook top, water heater and any other type of electronics when assessing the correct size generator for your boat.

Northeast Generator is happy to help people in the boating world make the right selection before buying. Please give us a call anytime with your questions (203) 336-3031.