Transfer Switches

A Transfer Switch is a piece of equipment that allows you to transfer from your utility power to a secondary power source whether that be a permanent generator installation or a temporary system such as a rental generator or portable generator. Contact us today to discuss your needs with our knowledgeable sales staff.

Types of Transfer Switches (Residential, Commercial and Industrial)

  • Automatic Transfer Switches – (Automatically transfers from utility to generator power when a utility outage occurs)
  • Automatic Load Center – (Automatically transfers power from utility to generator power for only the selected essential circuits in the load center – Partial Home Backup)
  • Manual Transfer Switches – (Allows owner to manually transfer from utility power to generator backup typically application used with a portable or temporary generator)
  • Transfer Switch and Docking Station – (Equipment allows for easy connection to temporary generator using cables and cam-lock connections to allow temporary backup power)
  • Fire Pump Rated Transfer Switch – (Automatic transfer switches with specific fire ratings to allow transfer from utility to generator for fire pumps) 
  • Transfer Switch Accessories – Each brand has various accessories and options that can be added to meet your specific project needs