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Standby Generators Need Service Every 30 Days

You’re happy with your standby generator. It’s an investment that’s giving you, your family or co-workers peace of mind. When you bought your standby generator however, did the salesperson tell you that all models need to be serviced at least every 30 days and after every major use? It only takes minutes, but when maintenance, warranty issues and repairs are needed, these DO take time.

Why risk it?

Here are some things to look out for while checking your Standby Generator:
1. A Gas-powered standby generator has a dip stick similar to a car’s with an oil level fill line. While generator is off and cool, check the level. If oil looks dirty or is low, it’s time to either fill up, or have the oil changed. New generators require full oil replacement at initial 25 hours; 50-60 hours thereafter.
2. Open air filter case by unbolting and inspecting filter for debris and dirt. If all looks okay, put it back by tightening bolts in place. If dirty, order and replace air filter.
3. Test battery voltage. A majority of emergency service calls for standby generators are due to corroded or old batteries. Replace battery every 2 years.
4. Check for leaks to coolant and fuel lines. Cracks in pumps and valves can signal premature failure of a standby generator.
5. Check sensors for any error codes. Turn off power and start up again. If codes don’t re-set investigate further.
6. Lastly, as you re-cover and lock your standby generator, look around the unit for rodent and other animal nests. If you find anything that’s not suppose to be there, take care of it immediately.

Scheduling a local, factory-certified technician from Northeast Generator for an on-site preventative maintenance of your standby generator is as simple as making a phone call to (203) 336-3031. Northeast Generator can also provide repair and warranty service, and factory replacement parts. As an Independent Service Dealer of most major brands, including Generac, Briggs & Stratton and Kohler, Northeast Generator is there to help.