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We sell Commercial, Industrial & Home Generators!

Of course we do. Everyone does these days. Since the major storms of the past decade, more and more people have gotten in on selling generators. What sets Northeast Generator apart from the other companies is our extensive training, certification, and knowledge of our sales associates and technicians. Everyone here at Northeast Generator is factory trained and certifed with every major brand of generators! Through the entire sales and installation process, one of our knowledge sales associates will be right with you to answer any questions you have! 

Why Buy Your Next Commercial, Industrial Or Whole House Generator From Us?

Lots of reasons.

  • 1st , once you purchase the generator, what do you with it??

Generators have come a long way to be more reliable and easy to maintain, but unless you’ve just purchased a basic portable unit, you’re still going to need a generator installation professional to get it up and running. At Northeast Generator we do just that. From reputable brands such as Winco, Cummins, and Kohler to Generac, our licensed electricians and technicians will obtain the required permits, and integrate your new purchase into your existing electrical and fuel systems. Most manufacturers require that their equipment is commissioned by a factory trained technician to ensure that it is properly installed and to protect the warranty, and we have just that.

  • 2nd, speaking of that warranty…

A generator is like a car. Once you drive it off the lot, it requires basic maintenance and regular servicing to ensure that it functions the way that it should, when you need it to. Most manufacturers today recommend that a typical generator is serviced by a trained technician at least twice a year. At Northeast Generator we do that too. After installing and commissioning your new generator, we will set you up with an annual maintenance contract with our Generator Service Department. The maintenance will be tailored to match the needs of your equipment and ensure that the warranty is maintained and your investment pays off for years to come.

  • 3rd, you can’t buy just anything at The Home Depot…

Your options to shop online are pretty impressive, no doubt. But there are still a lot of brands that sell exclusively through licensed dealers. We are a licensed dealer of every big brand in the back-up power business, as well as nearly every size and type, including portable, industrial and home generator systems.

How does One buy a generator from Northeast Generator?

It’s quite simple. Contact us today.




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