Has spring come early? Do you believe Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions for a new generator in 2020? Are you pushing off a decision to buy a new generator until tomorrow?

Here’s a fact that may surprise you. In all 117 years making predictions, Groundhog Phil’s been wrong 65% of the time. By comparison, Farmers’ Almanac – with 80% accuracy predicts the Washington to Boston corridor will experience colder-than-normal temperatures in March. And, cold temperatures, heavy snows and high winds lead to widespread power outages.

When you rely on Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions for a new generator in 2020, you’re risking your family’s safety when disaster strikes.

Severe weather is the #1 cause of damage to the overhead electric distribution grid despite today’s advanced planning and state-of-the-art research and technology predicting storms. UConn Outage Prediction Model (OPM), when combined with Eversource to pre-stage crews and expedite power restorations only gives a three-day advanced picture of a storm’s anticipated impact. 

And another source: The National Weather Service which celebrated a milestone 150th Anniversary on February 9, 2020. Its’ motto is “protecting life and property for 150 years” and that definitely gives us peace of mind. Meteorologists depend on the National Weather Service to forecast blizzards, hurricanes and tornadoes and they claim their predictions offer us 80% accuracy when it comes to predicting weather.

Yet another reliable organization for weather, The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) gives people a week-by-week outlook for each region of the country, as in this example below:

Mar 9-12 Rain to snow, then colder
Mar 23-28 Showers, warm
Mar 13-22 Snowstorm, then flurries, cold
March 29-31 Rain and wet snow
2020 Source: NOAA Data

Please circle March 13-22 on your calendar. If you’ve decided to push off buying a generator and you live in the Northeast, remember Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions for a new generator in 2020 puts you and your family at risk when disaster strikes. And, we haven’t even gotten to hurricane season yet!

Northeast Generator is a reliable resource for all your generator needs. Give us a call today at (800) 972-4264. We’re here to help before, during and after any storm.


Winter generator help gets people thinking. Especially if the local weather calls for more ice, slick roads, severe flooding, blizzard warnings. Power outages can be the result if dangerous winds whip through our region.

Schools and businesses suffer. Home owners’ face cold days with no power. Owning a stand by generator is a great solution. Professionals from Northeast Generator offer 24/7 maintenance plans performed by a friendly and knowledgeable Generator Service Team. Winter generator help is only helpful when customers get peace of mind in a disaster.

Winter generator help starts with common sense. Northeast Generator’s vice president Mark Holzner says, “I’ve seen people take generators and put them in their basement.” Of course, running a generator inside your house can put your entire family at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Generators must be at least 15 feet away from the house. For stand by generators, double check your owner’s manual. Northeast Generator employees’ are trained to provide winter generator help including checking the pressure at your home before a storm since negative pressure causes more carbon monoxide inside.

Homeowners are educated in preventative storm maintenance. “A generator needs air to function in the correct way, so owners will want to be observant. The generator won’t operation at optimal levels if allowed to get covered in snow,” comments Holzner.

Winter Generator help begins at the decision to purchase a stand by generator for your home or office. Stand by generators must be the right size. Too much electricity draw can overload them. Generators breakers trip if appliances used are more than required for a winter storm. Winter generator help begins with the professionals at Northeast Generator to help decide the right size unit.

From routine maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs to system testing, Northeast Generator ensures you get the most out of your generator over its entire life. 


Hurricanes…Tornadoes…Tree Work. All have the potential to negatively impact your quality of life.  While it’s important to prepare for hours and hours of power outages due to a disaster, it’s equally important to understand how to prepare. Preparation is about doing all you can before any disaster. Northeast Generator recommends you:

  • Monitor Your Generator Every Week. If a generator does not exercise, i.e., run to full capacity on a scheduled time every week in order to test the system, you could have a problem on your hands when the lights go out.
  • Understand Generator Basics. What appliances or systems are connected to your stand by generator? In the event of a power outage, what can you use? Make a list so that everyone knows.
  • Know Where to Find Everything. A stand by generator has a control panel that shows “ready” “warning” and “fault” messages. Keep your owner’s manual on hand to read about what these indicators mean. Or, contact the professionals at Northeast Generator (203) 336-3031 if you have any concern.
  • Shutdown and Restart Functions. If the stand by generator power is on, do NOT perform either of these operations! Generator output breaker must be “off” before shutting down and restarting your stand by generator.
  • Operating During an Outage. When an outage lasts over 24 hours, your stand by generator must be shut down to check and add oil levels. Consult your owner’s manual for recommendations on type of oil and frequency for performing these operations.
  • Hazard Warning.Verify your carbon dioxide monitor is operating correctly to protect against engine exhaust.

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