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Blackouts Can Affect Your Health

When the power goes out, is your health at risk? The answer is yes!

Three weeks in a row, three major Nor’easters later. And, another storm looming in the forecast. If you are like thousands of people who endured a blackout, you felt incredibly stressed out. Trying to cook, stay warm and keep kids safe with little or no communication to the outside world take its toll. Anxiety, isolation and frustration are common complaints. When will the power company show up? How many times must you dial the 1-800 number and report your problem? 

It’s true, living without power affects our health. In a 2016 study, experts report a spike in emergency room visits as a direct result of prolonged blackouts. Common sense goes out the window, and this leaves the door wide open for accidents, like falling off ladders, cuts, burns and possibly worse. Owning a professionally installed and serviced generator mitigates risk of injury. One phone call to Northeast Generator – the company who’s been helping customers like you for over 50 years is all it takes. 

The first question people ask is, how long will it take to get a generator installed?

“While every customer is unique, an average residential installation takes about 3-4 weeks, from permit to electrical hook up” says Mark Holzner, company owner. Since Northeast Generator is a licensed dealer for top brands, Cummins, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, Generac and Winco, the process is streamline. That means, less waiting time for generator products and parts.  It also helps that Northeast Generator has 50 full-time staff, in-house electricians, service technicians, factory trained repair specialists and customer service representatives centrally located in a 30,000 square-foot facility in Southern Connecticut. 

Preventative maintenance contracts and preferred emergency service available 24-7 reduce any burden on you and your family, possibly sparing you that emergency room visit when the next big storm hits. 

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